I am proud to announce that due to popular demand my Bollyfitness Classes is coming to Rowville Neighbourhood Leaning Centre starting Oct 25th 2017. Come join me and let's have fun! 

Hema the Founder of BollyfitwithHema is a BollyFitness instructor of a unique kind, professional dancer and choreographer.

Whilst most fitness programs emphasise on weightloss, at Bollyfitness Hema makes it a point to primarily help young boys, girls, men and women love their bodies first and work towards becoming  a better version of themselves all the while feeling comfortable in their skin regardless of skin color, shape and size.

Bollyfitness is essentially a Bollywood inspired dance fitness program that consists of rythmic music and lively and energetic choreography.

Fun, easy routines are choreographed to upbeat music taken from all around the world. 

Bollyfitness caters to all ethnic backgrounds and ages 5+.

You do not need to have ANY prior dance training to fully enjoy our Bollyfit classes. 

All you need is a FUN LOVING ATTITUDE :)

Regular classes are held every 


SATURDAY  3 - 5 pm

Dress code : Anything you feel comfortable to dance (e.g. leggings, workout tops)
No shoes. You can certainly wear socks ( yoga or pilates socks) so you don't slip.

"Life may not be the party we hoped for...but while we're here we may as well dance" Jeanne C Stein