Imagine your full team dancing to the upbeat and rhythmic Bollywood tunes?

There are very few group activities that bring pure delight and gives you an adrenalin rush.

Dancing is one of them.
It increases levels of productivity and enhances team spirit.

Discover how this NEW BOLLYFITNESS PROGRAM can bring your team together, promoting employee satisfaction, engagement and entertainment.

Our corporate Bollyfit workshops serve as an exciting addition to your training sessions, special occasions or next conference.

How will a Bollyfit workout session help your employee?

Your staff members spend 3/4 of their day sitting at their desks which is not ideal, leads to poor body posture and can sometimes create boredom. Therefore sessions of Bollyfit classes can greatly encourage physical fitness. coordination and also promote bonding and good communication amongst colleagues.

What do we do in a Bollyfit workout session?

  • A Bollyfit demonstration
  • One hour of fun filled class
  • One FREE CLASS PASS for each employee to come visit us in future. 


One Off Sessions
  • Small Team (Up to 16 people) - $250 inc.GST
  • Large Teams (17 or over) - $330 inc.GST